Senior Stylist

After growing up on a sugar cane farm in Mackay, I moved to Sydney where I trained for a year to be a make-up artist before starting hairdressing in 1993, and never looked back.

I owned a salon in Glebe, Sydney for 6yrs before moving to Brisbane to start my family. Since being in Brisbane, I have taught hairdressing and worked as a hair replacement technician as well as hair and makeup in salons.

I love hair. I have loved hair since being a baby. I find it soothing to touch hair, doing a scalp massage sends tingles up my arms and relaxes me. I believe hairdressing is as much about the experience as it is about amazing hair. I believe if hair is technically cut well it will hold its shape as it grows out so it should continue to work well until your next cut. I believe there is nothing you cannot do with hair: every haircut is a sculpture, every hair colour a painting which can enhance your haircut.

I am an artist using hair as my medium to work with.


Specialise in:

  • creative &. classic
  • cut colour foils
  • upstyling
  • scalp massage