To ensure you get the very best results, we recommend you follow these simple steps:


Before Tanning; Correct preparation is the key to extending the life of your tan. Hydrated skin gives a richer, deeper tan and you should exfoliate paying particular attention to areas like knees, ankles, heels and feet as dry areas will absorb tan faster which can result in an uneven looking tan.

If you shave or wax, do it at least 24hours before your spray tan.

On the Day; Avoid wearing any moisturisers, perfumes, makeup or deodorants as these can affect the tanning solution and reduce its effectiveness. It’s important that you where the right clothing too, loose fitting and dark is best, some minor rub off can occur after your spray tan, this is completely normal and will washout of most fabrics.

When getting spray tanned you can wear as little as you like or a full bathing suit, it’s up to you. Most people wear our disposable g-strings but it’s your choice, our staff are professionals and your comfort is paramount not what you wear, you could wear a bikini bottom or dark shorts for men if you like. Your tan is applied our private room and takes about 20mins, after that time your skin will feel touch dry, you will immediately notice a natural looking tan and this is the initial Bronzer. Under this the tan will continue to develop for the time specific to your chosen tan, we will advise you on this. You should avoid water on the skin, saunas or spas, physical exercise, swimming & tight fitting clothing for the first 5 hours to ensure the best results.

After Tanning; You can reasonably expect that your tan should last 5-7 days, unfortunately some operators quote 2 weeks and in our experience this is just not true. You can extend your tan by moisturizing daily.  When you first shower after your tan you will notice the initial bronzer washing off, this is not your tan. Now enjoy your glow!!